Fruity Four Pack

Fruity Four Pack


Four pack includes: Mango, Lime, Watermelon & Tangerine.

MANGO: Tropical ripe and juicy with a buttery undertone.

LIME: A zesty sweet citrus scent created with organic essential oils from limes grown in Italy.

WATERMELON: Smells like summer with this juicy, candy-like scent.

TANGERINE: Fresh, radiant, and tangy sweet, created with essential oils from tangerines grown in Italy.

100% natural, moisturizing, antioxidant-rich lip balm

Ingredients: shea butter,* coconut oil,* beeswax,* lanolin, argan oil,* jojoba oil,* grapeseed oil,* natural flavor oil


Made in the USA 1.5 oz/4.25g

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